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Date and time

Wednesday, December 15 | Zoom

HAX Tokyo Batch4

​Demo day

On the HAX Tokyo Demo Day on 12/15 (Wed), we would be presenting the pitches of the startups selected in Batch 4, as well as the pitches of the overseas startups involved in HAX. We would also have an offline networking event on Thursday, December 23, where you will have the opportunity to network with the startups on stage while experience the actual devices.
Application are required for this event.
Please apply to join this event by clicking below.

​12/15 (Wed) 16:30-18:30 JST

About the event

≪Outline of the event≫

■Place: Online (Via Zoom)

■Time schedule :We'll let you know the details later. 
【HAX Tokyo's Startup】
 Nossa Corporation (Development・provision of the 360-degree video communication tool "Nossa360")
 Sonic Arc Corporation (The next generation of microphones that eliminate noise)
 KISUI TECH (Expand the scale of individual farming used by AI robotics)
 RapidX Corporation (Provide a smart security platform and to actualize a world with zero fire)
 Striemo Inc. (Stability・Secure Independence・Oscillated personal mobility)

【HAX Shenzhen's Startup】

   Breezi (Solely on Predictive Maintenance (PdM) technology for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.) 

   Nuada: (a new type of soft exoskeleton to improve hand function)

   YouIbot:(Advanced autonomous robots used for inspection of production site(hospitals, factories, etc), maintenance and     delivery)

   Seppure: (A new generation of nano-filters enables the most effective chemical separation, without the traditional use of heat)

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■ Other

* Photographs and videos may be taken at this event venue. It may be posted on various media, web pages, Youtube, etc. If you have any problems with your face, voice, etc. being posted on the internet, we would appreciate it if you could let us know at the reception on the day. If there is no request, we will assume that you have approved the photography / video shooting and posting. Thank you for your cooperation.

 * Handling of personal information: Registration information is managed in accordance with Google's personal information protection policy (privacy policy). This registration information will be provided to HAX Tokyo operating companies and operating cooperating companies by third parties. 

* Event information: We may send information about events hosted by HAX Tokyo and events related to HAX Tokyo to the registered e-mail address for those who participate in this event. If there is no request, we will assume that you have approved the e-mail guidance. Thank you for your cooperation.

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