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Selected Companies


Haloworld Inc.

Intro of Product/Solution

・3D mapping robot "Be THERE"

"Be THERE" can make 3-dimensional space data in real-time by combining 3D point cloud data and 360°camera image,

(ex. the on-the-spot investigation, progress report, VR/AR, game production, data for CAD)

・Autonomous robot "ReFRO"

"ReFRO" enables various manual and remote-controlled robots to be able to move automatically without instruction and mark both inside and outside.

(ex. Cleaning machine, mower, AGV, patrol)


Paylessgate Corporation

Intro of Product/Solution

Touchless reception and payment by using a smartphone.

VOX Inc.(Former Mashroom)

Intro of Product/Solution

Smart authentication locker and key box.

It works without a communication line and outlet.

Users can record and manage lock or unlock the box by smartphone.

Xela Robotics Co.,Ltd.

Intro of Product/Solution

Development of tactile sensors and robot arms.