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Team building of a tech company challenged by a superhuman CEO

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date and time. Place

Tuesday, August 31 18: 00-19: 30 ・ Online (ZOOM)
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About the event

■: Overview

It depends on the team whether to utilize or kill strong core technology

Technology is an important strength in a fast-growing startup. On the other hand, it is also important that the team has the "engineering ability" to incorporate high technical capabilities into the product.

Various professional engineering resources are required to overcome the challenges unique to hardware, such as the challenges that are said to be the “wall of mass production”.

These situations are sometimes called "Hardware is Hard" as a difficulty unique to hardware startups, but there are also startups where the founder who does not have a background as an engineer forms a team, develops, manufactures and scales. Exists.

Let's think about the points of team building to accelerate the technology

・ How do you collect members?

・ How do you proceed with product development and overcome the barriers to mass production?

・ How do you communicate with engineers who are professionals on the road?

・ How do you create a team that can overcome hardships?

Regarding the above hurdles, we will invite Mr. Miyasaka, CEO of BONX, who not only sells original devices but also develops group communication services combined with smartphone apps, as a guest and think from the perspective of a non-engineer CEO. Of course, we will provide useful information not only for engineers but also for startups who want to challenge in the hardware field.

In the latter half of the meeting, we would like to set up a time to interact with guests and HAX Tokyo members so that they can communicate directly with each other. If you are interested or would like to hear from us, please feel free to join us.

■ Agenda: * Contents are subject to change.

18: 00-18: 05 Opening

18: 05-18: 20 About the hurdles that early hardware startups will overcome


HAX Tokyo Director Yasunori Okajima

HAX Tokyo GM / SOSV Miki Watanabe

HAX Tokyo / Sumitomo Corporation Toyonaga base

18: 20-18: 50 "Team building of a tech company challenged by a super-humanities CEO"


(Guest) BONX CEO Takahiro Miyasaka

HAX Tokyo Director Yoshinobu Ichimura

HAX Tokyo GM / Sumitomo Corporation Erika Hashimoto , 

18: 50-18: 55 Introducing HAX Tokyo


HAX Tokyo / Sumitomo Corporation Tomonori Ishikawa

18: 55-19: 25 Online exchange meeting

■ Introduction of speakers

Takahiro Miyasaka


Founder of BONX. Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School. Born in Boston Consulting Group. Father of three children who love snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and basketball. Lives in Kamakura and runs a field. My hobby is looking at the sky. Experienced studying abroad in New Zealand. Endeavor Entrepreneur

About BONX Co., Ltd.

Takahiro Miyasaka was founded in 2014. Inspired by BONX from the issue of communication with friends during action sports, "BONX Grip" was launched in December 2016. In December 2017, we launched the corporate service BONX for BUSINESS. In July 2019, he was selected as the 7th Endeavor Entrepreneur as a Japanese entrepreneur at the 85th Endeavor ISP (Final International Selection), and the new product `` In the crowdfunding of "BONX mini", we received support of about 80 million yen and achieved the target significantly. In June 2020, BONX for BUSINESS was significantly updated to realize close communication by always connecting by voice. The service name was changed to BONX WORK in January 2021. BONX is expanding as a Team Growth Platform that contributes to team growth in all situations such as sports / retail / nursing / food / accommodation / accommodation / hospital / construction site / remote work.


■ Sponsor HAX, HAX Tokyo 

■ Contact

  ■ Other

* Photographs and videos may be taken at this event venue. It may be posted on various media, web pages, Youtube, etc. If you have any problems with your face, voice, etc. being posted on the internet, we would appreciate it if you could let us know at the reception on the day. If there is no request, we will assume that you have approved the photography / video shooting and posting. Thank you for your cooperation.

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